Watch: The Secrets of Donald Trump are Exposed in Resurrected Documentary 'What's the Deal?'

By Kaeli Van Cott 

Trump fought to bury the 1991 documentary, but it has resurfaced just in time for his presidential race.
 The documentary "Trump: What's the Deal?" may have been completed in 1991, but it hasn't reached audiences in over two decades because Donald Trump himself made it very difficult for the film to be screened. He threatened networks, distributors and the filmmakers to prevent viewers from watching the investigative look at his life. Now, just in time for Trump's presidential race, the formerly suppressed documentary has been released to reach its intended audience.

"Now that Trump is running for president, it's time for the American people to meet the real Donald and learn how he does business. The old Trump and new Trump? They're the same Trump," said producer Libby Handros.

The documentary explores the notion that Trump's wealth isn't self-made or as abundant as he claims, while investigating his use of illegal immigrant labor, his connections with the mafia, his decision to hire a company that specialized in psychological attacks and his use of blackmail to move tenants out of a building.

"Trump: What's the Deal?" can be watched in its entirety on the film's website. Check out the trailer above.